Professional basketball......the lives of the player. On the court and off. The pressure, the fame, the money. A lot to deal with, and on The Hoop Life you get to see it all unfold right before your eyes. The show The New York Post calls, "(a) dream of a series," The Hoop Life promises an insider's look at the life of these men who play the game for a living, and how they deal with the fame and the fortune. Showtime, in association with producers Tom Fantana and Bruce Levinson deliver on that promise, and in a big way. Chronicling the life of Marvin Buxton, Greg Marr, and high school phenom- Curtis Thorpe, The Hoop Life is a darling of a show, giving viewers handsomely choreographed game scenes, along with a storyline that packs a mean punch. Marvin deals with inner demons, while Greg and Curtis deal with external forces....Greg, his love for many women, gambling, and rebellion at any cause-- and Curtis, his sometimes childish ways of handling the new found stardom of being in the UBA. Together, in a seamless line of storytelling, we see that these men are more than great on the court; they are, in most part, great men off the court as well. The Hoop Life aired Sunday nights on Showtime, but was cancelled in February of 2000 due to somewhat lack- luster ratings.

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This site was down for a few months, but it is back online on a new url (as can be seen)....I apologize, but it was an AOL server problem, which is out of my control.

......Showtime has officially canceled the Hoop Life after 22 episodes. (more)

....I wrote the summary for The Hoop Life on the Internet Movie Database, check out the page and my summary: HOOP LIFE ON THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE

.........Just a quick note here....I was looking at the Internet Movie Database's page for Cirroc Lofton who plays Curtis Thorpe, and in his filmography I ran across a movie called Sex Offenders #6. (more)

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You can still join the Hoop Life list below, even tho the show is off the air. I will send out information on the actors in the show and what they're currently working on. Mykelti Williamson is on the Fugitive on CBS, of course, and I will have information on his work there. Plus, anytime I make any updates to the site, I will send out e mail letting everyone know.

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